Email Encryption Software


The email encryption solution offers organizations with an integrated encryption solution for computer, mobile, and gateway connections. It has a minimal compressed set of tools for antivirus, malware, spam filtering, and evaluating and security modules. Symantec serves as a firewall against undesirable cyberattacks and illegal access. Along with its prominent modules are its web email protection, and PDF email protection. With these tools at your arsenal store, you can reduce the threats of attacks and upgrade data security.

What is Email Encryption Software?

Email encryption software safeguard organizations from data theft and malevolent attacks prompting undesirable fines, sanctions, and loss of associate connections. Since email communications are not safe as a matter of course, the software works by implanting a coding scheme to the information to make the data set difficult and not able to read.

Key Features of Email Security Software

There are numerous sellers and various email security software packages to browse, each tending to various needs and requirements. That being stated, the majority of the present popular email security software systems offer such ground-breaking potential as:

Spam Filters

Email security software allows organizations to reduce the interruptions caused by spam by permitting them to set pre-decided criteria to recognize, sort, or potentially block messages that have a high possibility of being unessential, non-authorization based promotions.

Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-virus protection is the basis of most email security software packages. With email security software, all approaching and outgoing emails, just as their connections, are scanned for the most recent and greatest viruses. 

Content and Image Control

With email security software, organizations can proactively hinder content dependent on pre-defined conditions. They can avoid large images either embedded or joined from being received and negatively affecting email server traffic.

Data Encryption

The sharing of private and exclusive data by email is essential for each organization’s daily activities. Consequently, email security software solutions are intended to shield that data from being captured by hackers, and falling into some wrong hands. They bring this by dynamically encrypting all email message data earlier than it is transmitted from the server.

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