ArcTitan Reviews & Product Details

ArcTitan Reviews

What is ArcTitan?

ArcTitan is an amazing, versatile, cloud-based email encryption, protection, and archiving software intended by ArcTitan for little to medium-sized organizations. This is a hearty solution for each business, MSP’s, and instructive institutions hoping to archive their emails. The application allows organizations to offload email storage needs to the cloud, reorganize pursuit functionality, keep up review prepared consistency, and offer multi-layered authorization based admittance to documented messages. This software gives you an astounding defense against data loss, as you can utilize it to simply backup all of your email messages to a remote server. It provides organizations all the features they require to work a viable email service at a fragmentary cost.

ArcTitan Reviews

Benefits of ArcTitan

  • ArcTitan is intended to aid organizations carefully archive emails. It makes sure no essential business email is lost thanks to its powerful email encryption.
  • The application is simple to set up, utilize, and administer. It makes email archiving in the cloud uncomplicated with incredible load execution of 200+ messages/second from the client’s email server.
  • ArcTitan is proficiently created to support the capacity to find significant emails more rapidly when you need them. Organizations working in the highly-regulated industry can similarly profit by utilizing ArcTitan. The system permits you to characterize retention policies to remain fully obedient with HIPPA.

ArcTitan Reviews

  • Various advisers who have used other information archiving solutions in the past found that ArcTitan is very simple to utilize. Setting it up to work with your email system should be done rapidly, regardless of the number of clients you have.
  • Clients for the most part valued the comfort of having a cloud-based email archiving solution. This helps them save money on nearby extra rooms, as old messages can be shipped off ArcTitan’s cloud storage, which opens up space on your own servers.
  • Reviewers who have been utilizing ArcTitan for quite a while are very amazed with how secure and dependable the whole platform is. No significant usefulness issues or bugs were accounted for, so you can be certain that the software will work perfectly when conveyed at your association.

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